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How to Plan a Corporate party with safety and precautions?

With social distancing and sanitizing becoming the buzzword during this global pandemic, planners, and organizers have to keep in mind its impact on their business and guests. Organizing a corporate party, team event, office farewell used to be a normal task before this Covid 19 pandemic. This corona pandemic has changed our way of thinking about everything. Safety and precautions of guests and staff is a must while planning an event. Keeping updated Government guidelines to be followed for any event, marriage, or any social gathering restaurants, hotels and clubs are like on a war front battling against covid for the crowd’s safety. As of now most of them are closed providing take away or online deliveries.

Corona is been there from past some time and going to be there for another few months at least. It can’t go forever to prevent businesses from running as usual. As things are coming back to normal and people adapting to live with this corona thing, hotels and restaurants need to come back to life but with guidelines following precautions. With so many guidelines and precautions that keeps on updating, instructing group gathering, and events, Clubs and restaurants will be more concerned and focused about health and safety of people attending events or parties organized by us.

Here are key highlights of Safety Precaution and guidelines that people can expect from Club29 to be followed-

Assessing the suitability of the venue – A demographic Analysis is a must before finalizing any event or corporate party at club 29. It includes the estimated size of the audience, no. of kids, and the elderly. As the gatherings and events take place in a limited space, It becomes quite evident to have a suitable venue for the event. At club29, we do have different spaces available depending on the size of gathering practicing guidelines.

Implementing health and safety – Since Corona pandemic, health safety has taken all over and is the topmost priority for any in-person experience or an event. As an organizer, we need to take care of the safety of both attendees and staff. At club29, we follow all safety measures like thermal screening, social distancing, masks & gloves wherever necessary, stringent disinfection, dedicated sanitization stations at key points, and contactless payment.

Food Safety contemplation in Kitchen– chefs and caterers who are working in the kitchen taking all safety and precaution measures as we don’t compromise guests’ safety. While preparing food, everything in the kitchen is cleaned like a fresh start including chefs and Food-service workers washing their hands and changing gloves. With thermal checks happening 2 times a day for staff along with sanitizing them whole on entry, we are ensuring the safety of our kitchen staff.

Crowd Management – Crowd management is the most important factor even in non-corona days but with corona, it is unavoidable. People’s safety can be compromised if the crowd is not managed properly. For example, people’s influx at the club needs to be managed every time to prevent it from overcrowding to maintain social distancing. Sitting arrangements should be done in a way to enforce social distancing along with the manager keeping a close eye on the ongoing crowd to follow the rules.


Planning an Event or Celebration for you with all safety measures is our first precedence at club 29. daily temperature checks for all staff members, contractors, and guests, when they enter and exit the building, is a mandatory process.

Hence, booking your event at club 29, the best banquet hall at waked will assure you more safe and secure. As no matter what a celebration looks like during this pandemic the only factor that will remain the same is the luxury and safe celebration of love with loved one at club 29 that we deliver.

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